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Date 12/16/2022

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<span class='option'>source-object</span>

Type of source object to display in a report for source or assembly data.


-source-object <object_type> [=]<value>





Application unit for which source or assembly data should be displayed. Possible values are: module, source-file, function.

Actions Modified

report with either hw-events or hotspots report type.


Use the source-object option to switch report to source or assembly view mode, including associated performance data. To define a particular object, you can specify this option more than once. For example, if two modules each have a function named foo, VTune Profiler will throw an error unless you specify both the module and function.


By default, source view is displayed. Specify group-by address to see disassembly view with associated performance data.


Generate a hardware events report that displays source data for the foo function. Since the result directory is not specified, the most recent hardware analysis result in the current working directory is used.

vtune -report hw-events -source-object function=foo

This example specifies the object as the function foo in module1. This would avoid a conflict if there was a second function named foo in some other module.

vtune -report hw-events -source-object module=module1 -source-object function=foo

Generate a hardware events report that displays assembly data for the foo function.

vtune -R hw-events -source-object function=foo -group-by address

Generate a hardware events report that displays assembly data grouped by basic block and then address.

vtune -R hw-events -source-object function=foo -group-by basic-block,address

Generate a hardware events report that displays assembly data grouped by function-range, then basic block, and then by address.

vtune -R hw-events -source-object function=foo -group-by function-range,basic-block,address

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