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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 12/16/2022

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platform-profiler Command Line Analysis

Use the Platform Profiler analysis type to get a holistic view of system behavior. Gain insights into platform-level configuration, utilization, and imbalance issues that relate to compute, memory, storage, IO and interconnects. Use this low-overhead analysis to collect data on a deployed system that runs a full load over an extended period.

Platform profiler analysis is a coarse-grained, system level analysis that can help you triage and characterize your system for a particular workload. It differs from the System Overview Analysis in some important ways.

  System Overview Analysis Platform Profiler Analysis
Type of analysis Fine-grained Coarse-grained
Analysis coverage Hardware and software Hardware only
Type of workload Short running (~ few minutes) Long running (~several hours)

Use Platform Profiler Analysis to ensure that you use available hardware in the most optimal way for a long running workload.


vtune -collect platform-profiler [-knob <knobName=knobValue>] -- <target>


  • analyze-persistent-memory

    Collect performance information for Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory modules.

    Default value : false

    Possible values : true | false


For the most current information on available knobs for Platform Profiler analysis, run this command:

vtune -help collect platform-profiler


This example demonstrates how you run Platform Profiler analysis.

vtune -collect platform-profiler