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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

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Date 12/16/2022

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Collection Control API

You can use the collection control APIs in your code to control the way the Intel® VTune™ Profiler collects data for applications.

Use This Primitive

To Do This

void __itt_pause (void)

Run the application without collecting data. VTune Profiler reduces the overhead of collection, by collecting only critical information, such as thread and process creation.

void __itt_resume (void)

Resume data collection. VTune Profiler resumes collecting all data.

void __itt_detach (void)

Detach data collection. VTune Profiler detaches all collectors from all processes. Your application continues to work but no data is collected for the running collection.

Pausing the data collection has the following effects:

  • Data collection is paused for the whole program, not only within the current thread.

  • Some runtime analysis overhead reduction.

  • The following APIs are not affected by pausing the data collection:

    • Domain API

    • String Handle API

    • Thread Naming API

  • The following APIs are affected by pausing the data collection. Data is not collected for these APIs while in paused state:

    • Task API

    • Frame API

    • Event API

    • User-Defined Synchronization API


The Pause/Resume API call frequency is about 1Hz for a reasonable rate. Since this operation pauses and resumes data collection in all processes in the analysis run with the corresponding collection state notification to GUI, you are not recommended to call it on frequent basis for small workloads. For small workloads, consider using the Frame APIs.

Usage Example: Focus on Specific Code Section

The pause/resume calls shown in the following code snippet enable you to focus the collection on a specific section of code, and start the application run with collection paused.

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  // Do initialization work here
 	// Do profiling work here
  // Do finalization work here
  return 0;

Usage Example: Hide Sections of Code

The pause/resume calls shown in the following code snippet enable you to hide some intensive work that you are not currently focusing on:

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  // Do work here
  // Do uninteresting work here
  // Do work here
  // Do uninteresting work here
  return 0;

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