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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 12/16/2022

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Platform Profiler Analysis

Use the Platform Profiler analysis type to get a holistic view of system behavior. Get insights into platform configuration, utilization, performance, and imbalance issues related to compute, memory, storage, IO and interconnects. Use this low-overhead analysis type to perform system characterization on a deployed system that runs a full load over an extended period.

Platform profiler analysis is a coarse-grained, system level analysis that can help you triage and characterize your system for a particular workload. It differs from the System Overview Analysis in some important ways.

  System Overview Analysis Platform Profiler Analysis
Type of analysis Fine-grained Coarse-grained
Analysis coverage Hardware and software Hardware only
Type of workload Short running (~ few minutes) Long running (~several hours)

Use Platform Profiler Analysis to ensure that you use available hardware in the most optimal way for a long running workload.

Configure and Run Analysis

Prerequisite: Create a project.

  1. Click Configure Analysis on the VTune Profiler welcome screen.
  2. In the Platform Analyses group in the Analysis Tree, select the Platform Profiler analysis type.
  3. In the WHAT pane, select Profile System. If necessary, you can set limits on the size and time for data collection in the Advanced section.
  4. Click the Start button to run the analysis.

To run this analysis from the command line , click the Command Line button at the bottom.

Once data collection is complete, see a performance overview in the Platform Profiler viewpoint.

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