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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 12/16/2022

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performance-snapshot Command Line Analysis

Use Performance Snapshot when you want to see a summary of issues affecting your application. This analysis also includes recommendations for other analysis types that you can run next for a deeper investigation.


vtune -collect performance-snapshot [-knob <knobName=knobValue>] [--] <target>


  • collect-memory-bandwidth

    Collect the data required to compute memory bandwidth.

    Default value : false

    Possible values : true | false

  • dram-bandwidth-limits

    Evaluate maximum achievable local DRAM bandwidth before starting the collection. This data is used to scale bandwidth metrics on the timeline and calculate thresholds.

    Default value : true

    Possible values : true | false


For the most current information on available knobs (configuration options) for Performance Snapshot analysis, enter:

vtune -help collect performance-snapshot


This example shows how to run Performance Snapshot on a Linux* myApplication application:

vtune -collect performance-snapshot -- /home/test/myApplication

What's Next

When the data collection is complete, do one of the following to view the result: