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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

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Date 12/16/2022

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<span class='option'>cumulative-threshold-percent</span>

Set a percent of the target CPU/Wait time to display only the hottest program units that exceed this threshold.




The percent of target CPU/Wait time consumed by the program units displayed.


all program units.

Actions Modified



Use the cumulative-threshold-percent action-option to generate a performance detail report that focuses on program units that exceed the specified percentage of target CPU/Wait time. Functions below the specified threshold are filtered out, so your report includes just the hottest program units, and excludes those that are insignificant.


Linux*: Generate a Performance Detail report from the r001hs Hotspots result that only includes functions that cumulatively account for 90% of target CPU time. Functions cumulatively representing less than 10% of target CPU time are excluded.

vtune -report perf-detail -r r001hs -cumulative-threshold-percent=90

Module  Function     CPU Time  Cumulative Percent
matrix  algorithm_2  3.136     70.415
matrix  algorithm_1  1.156     96.375

Windows*: Generate performance reports in r001hs and r002hs functions that account for 50% of the total difference. Positive and negative difference values are handled separately.

vtune -R perf -r r001hs -r r002hs -cumulative-threshold-percent=50

Module     Function              Result 1:CPU Time  Result 2:CPU Time  Difference:CPU Time Cumulative Percent
matrix.exe algorithm_2           3.106              3.131              -0.025              100.000
Module     Function              Result 1:CPU Time  Result 2:CPU Time  Difference:CPU Time Cumulative Percent
ntdll.dll  KiFastSystemCallRet   0.012              0                  0.012               39.956 
ntdll.dll  NtWaitForSingleObject 0.113              0.110              0.003               50.051

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