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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 12/16/2022

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S0ix States

S0ix-states represent the residency in the Intel® SoC idle standby power states. The S0ix states shut off part of the SoC when they are not in use. The S0ix states are triggered when specific conditions within the SoC have been achieved, for example: certain components are in low power states. The SoC consumes the least amount of power in the deepest (for example, S0i3) state.

On Linux*, Android*, and Chrome* OS, ACPI-SState represent the system’s residency in the ACPI Suspend-To-RAM (S3). In the Suspend-To-RAM state, the Linux kernel powers down many of the systems’ components while maintaining the system’s state in its main memory. The system consumes the least amount of power possible while in the Suspend-To-RAM state. Note that any wakelock will prevent the system from entering the Suspend-To-RAM state.


This metric is collected as part of energy analysis. Collecting energy analysis data with Intel® SoC Watch is available for target Android*, Windows*, or Linux* devices. Import and viewing of the Intel SoC Watch results is supported with any version of the VTune Profiler.