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Date 12/16/2022

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<span class='option'>csv-delimiter</span>

Specify the delimiter for a tabular report.




A character, keyword or string of characters to use as a delimiter when generating a tabular (CSV) report. Any character string may be used as a delimiter, but the most common values are one of these keywords: comma | tab | semicolon | colon



Actions Modified

The report action, used with the format csv action-option. To write the report to a file, also use the report-output option.


Use this option to specify a delimiter when using -format csv to generate a report in CSV format.


Generate a tabular hotspots report from the most recent result, using comma delimiters, and save the report as MyReport.csv in the current working directory.

vtune -R hotspots -format csv -csv-delimiter comma -report-output MyReport.csv

Sample output:

Module,Process,CPU Time,main,10.735,main,5.525,main,3.612,main,3.103,main,1.679

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