Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 10/04/2021

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2.3.1. Agent Interface

The Partial Reconfiguration Controller Intel® Arria® 10 /Cyclone 10 FPGA IP provides an Avalon® memory-mapped agent interface to read and write to PR configuration registers.

Table 17.  Data/CSR Memory Map Format
Name Address Offset Access Description
PR_DATA 0x00 Write

Every data write to this address indicates this bitstream is sent to the IP core.

Performing a read on this address returns all 0's.

PR_CSR 0x01 Read or Write Control and status registers.
Version Register 0x02 Read-Only

Read-only SW version register. Register is currently 0xAA500003

PR Bitstream ID 0x03 Read-Only Read-only PR POF ID register
Table 18.  PR_CSR Control and Status Registers
Bit Offset Description

Read and write control register for pr_start signal. Refer to Ports for details on the pr_start signal.

pr_start = PR_CSR[0]

The IP core deasserts PR_CSR[0] to value 0 automatically, one clock cycle after the PR_CSR[0] asserts. This streamlines the flow to avoid manual assertion and de-assertion of this register to control pr_start signal.

1 Reserved.

Read-only status register for status[2:0] signal.

PR_CSR[4:2] = status[2:0]

Refer to Ports for details on the status signals.


Read and clear bit for interrupt.

If you enable the interrupt interface, reading this bit returns the value of the irq signal. Writing a 1 clears the interrupt.

If you disable the interrupt interface, reading this bit always returns a value of 0.

0-31 Reserved bits. Depends on the Avalon® memory-mapped data bus width.