Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 10/04/2021

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1.7.1. Using Parent QDB Files from Different Compiles

For HPR designs, you can use the parent .qdb file from the same or different implementation compiles. The following examples illustrate two possible HPR compilation flows, with respect to the following design example block diagram:
Figure 29. Example HPR Design with Parent QDB Files from Different Compiles

Figure 29 shows an HPR design hierarchy with the following characteristics:

  • The blue and orange regions represent the HPR parent regions.
  • The yellow and green boxes represent the child PR regions.
  • The blue HPR parent has two personas, blue_1 and blue_2.
  • For the yellow child region, the default persona that is compiled with parent blue_1 is yellow_1_1.
  • The second child persona that can be compiled by blue_1 is yellow_2_1.
  • The orange HPR parent has the same characteristics as the blue HPR parent.

Considering these HPR design characteristics, the following describes one possible HPR compilation flow:

HPR Compilation Flow A:

  1. Blue_1, yellow_1_1, orange_1, green_1_1.
  2. Blue_1.qdb, yellow_1_2, orange_1.qdb, green_1_2
  3. Blue_2, yellow_2_1, orange_2, green_2_1
  4. Blue_2.qdb, yellow_2_2, orange_2.qdb, green_2_2

In Flow A, in steps 2 and 4, the parent region .qdb files come from the same implementation compile. Step 2 uses blue_1.qdb and orange_1.qdb that step 1 generates in the same implementation compile.

HPR also supports import of the parent and child PR partitions from different implementation compiles:

HPR Compilation Flow B:

  1. Blue_1, yellow_1_1, orange_1, green_1_1.
  2. Blue_2, yellow_2_1, orange_2, green_2_1
  3. Blue_1.qdb, yellow_1_2, orange_2.qdb, green_2_2
  4. Blue_2.qdb, yellow_2_2, orange_1.qdb, green_1_2

In Flow B, blue_1.qdb and orange_2.qdb come from two different implementation compiles. Step 1 generates blue_1.qdb. Step 2 implementation compile generates orange_2.qdb.