Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 10/04/2021

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1.6.5. Creating Wrapper Logic for PR Regions

If all personas for your design do not have identical top-level interfaces, you must create the wrapper logic to ensure that all the personas appear similar to the static region. Define a wrapper for each persona, and instantiate the persona logic within the wrapper. If all personas have identical top-level interfaces, the personas do not require wrapper logic. In this wrapper, you can create dummy ports to ensure that all the personas of a PR region have the same connection to the static region.

During the PR compilation, the Compiler converts each of the non-global ports on interfaces of the PR region into boundary port wire LUTS. The naming convention for boundary port wire LUTs are <input_port>~IPORT for input ports, and <output_port>~OPORT for output ports. For example, the instance name of the wire LUT for an input port with the name my_input, on a PR region with the name my_region, is my_region|my_input~IPORT.

  1. Manually floorplan the boundary ports using Logic Lock region assignments, or place the boundary ports automatically using the Fitter. The Fitter places the boundary ports during the base revision compile. The boundary LUTs are invariant locations the Fitter derives from the persona you compile. These LUTs represent the boundaries between the static region and the PR routing and logic. The placement remains stationary regardless of the underlying persona, because the routing from the static logic does not vary with a different persona implementation.
  2. To constrain all boundary ports within a given region, use a wildcard assignment. For example:
    set_instance_assignment -name PLACE_REGION "65 59 65 85" -to \

    This assignment constrains all the wire LUTS corresponding to the IPORTS that you specify within the place region, between the coordinates (65 59) and (65 85).

    Figure 24. Wire-LUTs at the PR Region Boundary

    Optionally, floorplan the boundary ports down to the LAB level, or individual LUT level. To floorplan to the LAB level, create a 1x1 Logic Lock PLACE_REGION constraint (single LAB tall and a single LAB wide). Optionally, specify a range constraint by creating a Logic Lock placement region that spans the range. For more information about floorplan assignments, refer to Floorplan the Partial Reconfiguration Design.