Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 10/04/2021

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Document Table of Contents altera_pr_wrapper_mux_out Module

The altera_pr_wrapper_mux_out module allows you to multiplex the outputs of all PR personas to the outputs of the PR region wrapper.
Instantiate one multiplexer per output port. Specify the active persona using the sel port of the multiplexer. The pr_activate port allows you to drive the multiplexer output to “x”, to emulate the unknown value of PR region outputs during a PR operation. Parameterize the component to specify the number of persona inputs, the multiplexer width, and the MUX output value when pr_activate asserts.
module altera_pr_wrapper_mux_out #(
   parameter NUM_PERSONA = 1,
   parameter WIDTH = 1,
   parameter [0:0] DISABLED_OUTPUT_VAL = 1'bx
) (
   input int sel,
   input wire [WIDTH-1 : 0] mux_in [NUM_PERSONA-1:0],
   output reg [WIDTH-1:0]   mux_out,
   input wire               pr_activate
   always_comb begin
      if ((sel < NUM_PERSONA) && (!pr_activate))
         mux_out = mux_in[sel];
         mux_out = {WIDTH{DISABLED_OUTPUT_VAL}};
endmodule : altera_pr_wrapper_mux_out
The <QUARTUS_INSTALL_DIR> /eda/sim_lib/ file defines the altera_pr_wrapper_mux_out component.