Cyclone V Device Datasheet

ID 683801
Date 5/23/2023
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Hot Socketing

Table 13.  Hot Socketing Specifications for Cyclone® V Devices
Symbol Description Maximum Unit
IIOPIN (DC) DC current per I/O pin 300 μA
IIOPIN (AC) AC current per I/O pin 815 mA
IXCVR-TX (DC) DC current per transceiver transmitter (TX) pin 100 mA
IXCVR-RX (DC) DC current per transceiver receiver (RX) pin 50 mA
15 The I/O ramp rate is 10 ns or more. For ramp rates faster than 10 ns, |IIOPIN| = C dv/dt, in which C is the I/O pin capacitance and dv/dt is the slew rate.