Cyclone V Device Datasheet

ID 683801
Date 11/27/2019
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Configuration Files

Table 65.  Uncompressed .rbf Sizes for Cyclone® V Devices

Use this table to estimate the file size before design compilation. Different configuration file formats, such as a hexadecimal file (.hex) or tabular text file (.ttf) format, have different file sizes.

For the different types of configuration file and file sizes, refer to the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. However, for a specific version of the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, any design targeted for the same device has the same uncompressed configuration file size.

The IOCSR raw binary file (.rbf) size is specifically for the Configuration via Protocol (CvP) feature.

Variant Member Code Configuration .rbf Size (bits) IOCSR .rbf Size (bits) Recommended EPCQ Serial Configuration Device96
Cyclone® V E 97 A2 21,061,280 275,608 EPCQ64
A4 21,061,280 275,608 EPCQ64
A5 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
A7 56,167,552 435,288 EPCQ128
A9 102,871,776 400,408 EPCQ256
Cyclone® V GX C3 14,510,912 320,280 EPCQ32
C4 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
C5 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
C7 56,167,552 435,288 EPCQ128
C9 102,871,776 400,408 EPCQ256
Cyclone® V GT D5 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
D7 56,167,552 435,288 EPCQ128
D9 102,871,776 400,408 EPCQ256
Cyclone® V SE 97 A2 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
A4 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
A5 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
A6 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
Cyclone® V SX C2 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
C4 33,958,560 322,072 EPCQ128
C5 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
C6 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
Cyclone® V ST D5 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
D6 56,057,632 324,888 EPCQ128
96 The recommended EPCQ serial configuration devices are able to store more than one image.
97 No PCIe* hard IP, configuration via protocol (CvP) is not supported in this family.

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