Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

ID 683762
Date 4/05/2024
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5.1.5. RSU Recovery from Corrupted Images

When an RSU fails, the Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP RSU_STATUS command provides information about the current configuration status, including the currently running image and most recent failing image. The rsu1.tcl script implements the RSU_STATUS commands. You can download the rsu1.tcl script from the following web page. Under Device Configuration Support Center, click Advanced Configuration Features, click the triangle next to Remote System Upgrade to expand this section, then click Example of Tcl Script.

The following example illustrates recovery from a corrupted image:

Multiple Corrupted Images

If the flash memory includes multiple corrupted images, the RSU_STATUS only reports status for the highest priority failing image. The following example illustrates this procedure.

  • The flash memory includes the following four images, in order of priority:
    1. Application Image3 (highest priority)
    2. Application Image2
    3. Application image1
    4. Application image0 (lowest priority)
  • Application Image3, Application Image2, and Application Image1 are corrupted.
  • RSU_STATUS includes the following information:
    • Current_Image: Application Image0
    • Highest priority failing image, State, Version, Error location, Error details: records information for Application Image3 which is the first failing image.