Intel® Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

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Date 9/21/2023
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3.1.1. Avalon® -ST Configuration Scheme Hardware Components and File Types

You can use the following components to implement the Avalon® -ST configuration scheme:

  • A CPLD with PFL II IP and common flash interface (CFI) flash or Quad SPI flash memory
  • A custom host, typically a microprocessor, with any external memory
  • The Intel® FPGA Download Cable II to connect the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer to the PCB.

The following block diagram illustrates the components and design flow using the Avalon® -ST configuration scheme.

Figure 17. Components and Design Flow for .pof Programming
Table 14.  Output File Types
Programming File Type Extension Description
Programmer Object File .pof

The .pof is a proprietary Intel® FPGA file type. Use the PFL II IP core via a JTAG header to write the .pof to an external CFI flash or serial flash device.

Raw Binary File .rbf

You can also use the .rbf with the Avalon® -ST configuration scheme and an external host such as a CPU or microcontroller.

You can program the configuration bitstreams or data in the .rbf file directly into flash via a third-party programmer. Then, you can use an external host to configure the device with the Avalon® -ST configuration scheme.

If you choose a third-party microprocessor for Avalon® -ST configuration, refer to the Avalon® Streaming Interfaces in the Avalon® Interface Specifications for protocol details.

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