Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

ID 683762
Date 4/05/2024
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7.7. Understanding SEUs

SEUs are rare, unintended changes in the state of an FPGA's internal memory elements caused by cosmic radiation effects. The change in state is a soft error and the FPGA incurs no permanent damage. Because of the unintended memory state, the FPGA may operate erroneously until background scrubbing fixes the upset.

The Quartus® Prime software offers several features to detect and correct the effects of SEU, or soft errors, and to characterize the effects of SEU on your designs. LSM firmware provides SEU single bit error correction and multi-bit error detection per LSM.. Additionally, some Intel FPGAs contain dedicated circuitry to help detect and correct errors.

For more information about SEUs, refer to Stratix® 10 SEU Mitigation User Guide.