Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

ID 683762
Date 4/05/2024
Document Table of Contents

7.4. SDM Debug Toolkit Overview

You launch the Stratix® 10 SDM Debug Toolkit from the System Console in the Quartus® Prime software, Tools > System Debugging Tools > System Console > Stratix® 10 Debug Toolkit.

The SDM Debug Toolkit provides access to current status of the Stratix® 10 device. To use these commands you must have a valid design loaded that includes the module that you intend to access. The SDM Debug Toolkit includes the four tabs:

Configuration Status

The Read Configuration Status option provides the current value of MSEL, Configuration Pin Values, and Chip ID. The following information would be useful for debugging with the help of Intel: State, Error Location, and Error Detail.

Voltage Sensor

  • The Read option in the External Channel window reads the voltage on available channels. The Read option in the Internal Power Supplies window provides the values of internal power supplies.
    Figure 96. Read External Channel and Read Internal Power Supplies

For more information about using the voltage sensor refer to Stratix® 10 Voltage Sensor in the Stratix® 10 Analog to Digital Converter Uses Guide.

Temperature Sensor

  • Read option reads the temperature in Celsius of the Stratix® 10 device, the HSSI channels, and the UIB_TOP and UIB_BOTTOM. The Universal Interface Bus (UIB) blocks are general-purpose SiP interfaces for HBM2.
    Figure 97. Temperature Measurements

HPS Reset Control

  • Provides the following two options to reset the HPS: Release HPS from Reset option and HPS Cold Reset.
    Figure 98. HPS Reset Options

QSPI Flash

Provides options to detect, read, erase, and program QSPI flash memory device.
  • Auto-detect QSPI Flash option provides the flash memory device information.
  • Read Registers option provides the current value of Read/Write memory operations.
  • Erase Sectors provides option to erase specific memory sectors.
  • Load RPD File provides option to read flash image and save data in a .rpd file.
  • Program RPD provides option to program a flash image.
Figure 99. QSPI Flash Options

Remote System Update

Provides options to update image, read image address, read status, and clear error status information in Remote System Update.
  • Image Update option performs the remote system update to the new image.
  • Read Image Address option provides the image address from the pointer block.
  • Read RSU Status option reports the current remote system update status.
  • Current Image Retry Clear provides option to reset the retry counter.
  • Error Status Info Clear provides option to clear error status information in the RSU status response.
Figure 100. Remote System Update Options