Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Device Design Guidelines

ID 683703
Date 11/06/2017
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IP Selection

Table 3.  IP Selection Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Select IP that affects system design, especially I/O interfaces.
2   If you plan to use the Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode tethered mode for IP, ensure that your board design supports this mode of operation.

Intel and its third-party IP partners offer a large selection of off-the-shelf IP cores optimized for Intel devices. You can easily implement these parameterized blocks of IP in your design, reducing your system implementation and verification time, and allowing you to concentrate on adding proprietary value.

IP selection often affects system design, especially if the FPGA interfaces with other devices in the system. Consider which I/O interfaces or other blocks in your system design can be implemented using IP cores, and plan to incorporate these cores in your FPGA design.

The Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode feature available for many IP cores allows you to program the FPGA to verify your design in hardware before you purchase the IP license. The evaluation supports an untethered mode, in which the design runs for a limited time, or a tethered mode. The tethered mode requires an Intel serial JTAG cable connected between the JTAG port on your board and a host computer running the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer for the duration of the hardware evaluation period.