Cyclone® V SX, ST and SE SoC Device Errata

ID 683618
Date 9/25/2015
Document Table of Contents Usermode High Icc


When the affected device transitions into User mode, high Icc is observed, due to internal dataline contention.


Use the following software workaround to prevent the Usermode high Icc issue:

  • For the Error Detection Cyclic Redundancy Check (EDCRC) user, no workaround is needed because the EDCRC feature eliminates the high Icc issue.
  • For the non-EDCRC user, a software workaround is needed and is available in the Quartus® II software version 12.1 sp1, or later.

Action Needed for Existing Designs (pre-Quartus II version 12.1 sp1)

Specific action is needed when the existing design uses the EDCRC and certain versions of the Quartus II software. The table below lists the actions needed for different settings.

Table 7.  Device and Die Revisions
Design Quartus II Version Action
EDCRC enabled Any None needed.
EDCRC disabled 12.1 only Full recompilation is required using the Quartus II software version 12.1 sp1, or later release.
Pre-12.1 Full recompilation is NOT needed, but requires the use of Quartus II software version 12.1 sp1, or later for programming file conversion.1


Affects: Cyclone® V SX, ST, and SE devices

Status: No planned fix

1 Convert the existing SOF file to RBF, POF, JIC, or another format using Convert Programming File, under the File menu of the Quartus II software.