Cyclone® V SX, ST and SE SoC Device Errata

ID 683618
Date 9/25/2015
Document Table of Contents Power Connection Recommendation for Cyclone® V SoC ES Devices


For Cyclone® V SoC ES devices, Intel® recommends powering both the VCC and VCC_HPS together. This will ensure that the power supplies are continually monitored by the device for proper operating levels, and allow the device to trigger a reset should any power supply voltage level fall outside of normal operating conditions.

For Cyclone® V SoC ES devices in which board designs power VCC and VCC_HPS independently, Intel® does not recommend turning off VCC while leaving VCC_HPS powered on. If your design requires this use case, you must ensure that your power supplies are stable and remain within the device operating conditions.


Affects: Cyclone® V ES SX, ST, and SE devices

Status: Fixed in all production devices