Cyclone® V SX, ST and SE SoC Device Errata

ID 683618
Date 9/25/2015
Document Table of Contents HPS TAP Controller Is Reset By Cold Reset


The HPS TAP controller should be only be reset by a JTAG reset and should remain active during all other resets. Because of this erratum, the HPS TAP controller is erroneously reset by a cold reset. The HPS JTAG controller will not be visible while HPS is in a cold reset. FPGA JTAG is unaffected.


This issue typically will not cause a problem for debugging applications executing in the HPS because you usually do not debug code through a reset. To have access to the HPS JTAG chain, release HPS from cold reset.


Affects: All Cyclone® V SX, ST, and SE devices

Status: No planned fix