Agilex™ 7 FPGAs and SoCs Device Overview

ID 683458
Date 4/01/2024
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1.13. Internal Embedded Memory

Intel® Agilex™ devices contain three types of embedded memory blocks:

  • MLAB (640 bits)
  • M20K (20 Kbits)
  • eSRAM (18 Mbits—not available in Intel® Agilex™ M-Series devices)

The M20K and MLAB blocks are familiar block sizes carried over from previous Intel device families. The MLAB blocks are ideal for wide and shallow memories, while the M20K blocks are intended to support larger memory configurations and include hard ECC. Both M20K and MLAB internal embedded memory blocks can be configured as a single-port or dual-port RAM, FIFO, ROM, or shift register.

In addition, some Intel® Agilex™ devices (refer to product tables for details) also include 18 Megabit (Mb) eSRAM blocks with stitching support. These blocks are large size, fast path, low latency, high bandwidth on-chip memory block and include ECC.

These memory blocks are highly flexible and support a number of memory configurations as shown in the table below.

Table 22.  Internal Embedded Memory Block Configuration
MLAB (640 bits) M20K (20 Kbits) eSRAM (18 Mbits)

64 x 10 (supported through emulation)

32 x 20

2K x 10 (or x8)

1K x 20 (or x 16)

512 x 40 (or x32)

8 channels of 2.25Mb (18Mb) (each channel contains 32 banks of 72 x 1K memory)