50G Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683217
Date 10/31/2022
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2.6.3. Adding the Reconfiguration Controller

50G Interlaken IP core variations that target an Arria V or a Stratix V device require an external reconfiguration controller to function correctly in hardware. 50G Interlaken IP core variations that target an Arria 10 device include a reconfiguration controller block and do not require an external reconfiguration controller.

Keeping the Reconfiguration Controller external to the IP core in Arria V and Stratix V devices provides the flexibility to share the Reconfiguration Controller among multiple IP cores and to accommodate FPGA transceiver layouts based on the usage model of your application. In Intel® Arria® 10 devices, you can configure individual transceiver channels flexibly through an Avalon-MM Intel® Arria® 10 transceiver reconfiguration interface.

The following simple instructions show you how to instantiate an Intel® Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller and how to connect the design blocks: