Accelerator Functional Unit Developer Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000 Variants

ID 683190
Date 7/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

4.5.1. Loading Your FPGA Image with JTAG

In a development environment, you may wish to test new N3000 FPGA images without storing the image in the FPGA flash. By loading the image with JTAG, there is no 40-minute wait for the file to be loaded into flash. If the power is removed, upon power up, your new FPGA image is replaced with the image stored in the user location of FPGA flash.

You must obtain the following items:
  • Intel® FPGA Download Cable II (formerly the USB-Blaster II)
    Note: You need to follow installation instructions for this device.
  • Samtec* SSQ-105-03-T-D Receptacle to extend the N3000 JTAG header