Accelerator Functional Unit Developer Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000 Variants

ID 683190
Date 7/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

5.2. Loading FPGA Image

  1. Change directories to the build directory where pac-n3000-secure-update-unsigned.bin was created by make and create an unsigned FPGA image using PACSign. Please note, this step assumes your target N3000 board has not had the root key programmed on the board.
    $ cd prj/pac_baseline/build
  2. Before running PACSign, ensure you have the following environment setting:
    export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/
  3. Create the image:
    $ PACSign SR -t UPDATE -H openssl_manager  \
    -i pac-n3000-secure-update-raw.bin  -o hello_afu_unsigned.bin
    No root key specified.  Generate unsigned bitstream? Y = yes, N = no: y
    No CSK specified.  Generate unsigned bitstream? Y = yes, N = no: y

    By responding with 'y', you are creating an unsigned binary file that can be loaded into a N3000 board that has not had the root key hash loaded into flash.

  4. Flash your N3000 image with this new file.
    Note: This command must be done as sudo or root.
    $ sudo fpgasupdate hello_afu_unsigned.bin 3e:00.0
    Note: Your PCIe b:d.f value can be different from 3e:00.0 used above.

    This command takes about 40 minutes to complete.

  5. Perform a remote system update to load the new FPGA image using your PCIe B.D.f.
    $ sudo rsu fpga 3e:00.0
  6. Verify the hello_afu_stp FPGA image is loaded with the fpgainfo port command showing the Accelerator Id as 850adcc2-6ceb-4b22-9722-d43375b61c66.
    # fpgainfo port
    Board Management Controller, MAX10 NIOS FW version D.2.0.19
    Board Management Controller, MAX10 Build version D.2.0.6
    //****** PORT ******//
    Object Id : 0xED00000
    PCIe s:b:d.f : 0000:3e:00.0
    Device Id : 0x0b30
    Numa Node : 1
    Ports Num : 01
    Bitstream Id : 0x21000410030509
    Bitstream Version : 0.2.3
    Pr Interface Id : a5d72a3c-c8b0-4939-912c-f715e5dc10ca
    Accelerator Id : 850adcc2-6ceb-4b22-9722-d43375b61c66