Accelerator Functional Unit Developer Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000 Variants

ID 683190
Date 7/15/2022
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The Initial_Shell_AFU includes starting file where you can instantiate your AFU. Review of this file shows import ccip_if_pkg::* to include definitions of CCI-P interface structures.
import ccip_if_pkg::*;  //required for CCI-P definitions
module ccip_std_afu #( …..
There is a CCI-P interface register to improve timing as shown below:
    // =============================================================
    // Register SR <--> PR signals at interface before consuming it
    // =============================================================

    (* noprune *) logic [1:0]   pck_cp2af_pwrState_T1;
    (* noprune *) logic         pck_cp2af_error_T1;

    logic                       pck_cp2af_softReset_T1;
    t_if_ccip_Rx                pck_cp2af_sRx_T1;
    t_if_ccip_Tx                pck_af2cp_sTx_T0;

    // ============================================================= 
    // Register PR <--> PR signals near interface before consuming it
    // ============================================================= 
    ccip_interface_reg inst_green_ccip_interface_reg  (              
        .pClk                           (pClk),                      
        .pck_cp2af_softReset_T0         (pck_cp2af_softReset),       
        .pck_cp2af_pwrState_T0          (pck_cp2af_pwrState),        
        .pck_cp2af_error_T0             (pck_cp2af_error),           
        .pck_cp2af_sRx_T0               (pck_cp2af_sRx),             
        .pck_af2cp_sTx_T0               (pck_af2cp_sTx_T0),          
        .pck_cp2af_softReset_T1         (pck_cp2af_softReset_T1),    
        .pck_cp2af_pwrState_T1          (pck_cp2af_pwrState_T1),     
        .pck_cp2af_error_T1             (pck_cp2af_error_T1),        
        .pck_cp2af_sRx_T1               (pck_cp2af_sRx_T1),          
        .pck_af2cp_sTx_T1               (pck_af2cp_sTx)              

Your AFU design connects to this registered CCI-P interface.