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Project Navigator

Project Navigator
pane provides a hierarchical view of your projects and results based on the directory where the opened project resides.
To access this pane:
Click the
Project Navigator
icon on the
Intel® VTune™
toolbar in the standalone graphical interface. To manage
projects/results from the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE, use the Solution Explorer functionality.
Project Navigator
Use this pane to perform the following actions:
  • Delete a selected project or result.
  • Rename a selected project or result.
  • Close all opened results.
  • Copy various directory paths to the system clipboard.
Use This
To Do This
Project node
Double-click to open the project. Right-click the project node to access the project context menu.
Opening a project closes the currently opened project.
Result node
Double-click to open the result. Right-click the result node to access the result context menu.
Opening a result opens the associated project if it is not already open.

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