Ethernet Subsystem Intel® FPGA IP User Guide: Early Access Customer Release

ID 773413
Date 4/14/2023

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8.1.9. Interface Attribute Port X Parameters

Description: Interface Attribute Port X Parameters, X = 0 - 19 (Depends on NUM_ENABLED_PORTS parameter, read returns reserved value 0 if port does not exist)

E-tile byte offset: 0x68 + X *4

F-tile Byte Offset: 0x300 + X * 4

Addressing Mode: 32 bit

Bit Type Reset Description
31:24 RO 0 Reserved
23:23 RO 0 PTP Enabled
22:22 RO 0 ANLT Enabled
21:21 RO 0 RSFEC Enabled
20:16 RO 0

Port X Sub-Profiles.

5'b10000 and above - Reserved

5'b01111 - 24G PCS

5'b01110 - 12G PCS

5'b01101 - 10G PCS

5'b01100 - 9.8G PMA

5'b01011 - 8.1G PMA

5'b01010 - 6.1G PMA

5'b01001 - 4.9G PMA

5'b01000 - 3.0G PMA

5'b00111 - 2.4G PMA

5'b00110 - 1.2G PMA

5'b00101 - 0.6G PMA

5'b00100 - MAC + PCS

5'b00011 - PCS

5'b00010 - FlexE

5'b00001 - OTN

5'b00000 - None

15:15 RO 0

Indicate presence of Dynamic Reconfiguration in Partial Reconfiguration use case.

1 - Dynamic Reconfiguration in Partial Reconfiguration use case present

0 - Dynamic Reconfiguration in Partial Reconfiguration use case not present

14:13 RO 0

Low Speed Ethernet MAC Interface (PORTX_LOW_SPEED_ETH parameter).

2'b10: XGMII

2'b01: GMII

2'b00: MII

12:10 RO 0

Port X Data Bus Width (PORTX_DATA_WIDTH parameter).

3'b101: 1024

3'b100: 512

3'b011: 256 (Client) / 320 (PHY Direct, 100G)

3'b010: 128

3'b001: 64 (Client) / 80 (PHY Direct, 25G)

3'b000: 32

9:6 RO 0 Port X Ready Latency (PORTX_READY_LATENCY parameter).
5:0 RO 0

Port X Profiles (PORTX_PROFILE).

6'b100001: CPRI,

6'b100000: 400GAUI-8,

6'b011111: 400GAUI-4,

6'b011110: 200GAUI-8,

6'b011101: 200GAUI-4,

6'b011100: 200GAUI-2,

6'b011011: 100GCAUI-4,

6'b011010: 100GAUI-2,

6'b011001: 100GAUI-1,

6'b011000: 50GAUI-1,

6'b010111: 50GAUI-2,

6'b010110: 40GCAUI-4,

6'b010101: 25GbE,

6'b010100: 10GbE,

6'b010011: Ethernet PMA-Direct,

6'b010010: Ethernet FEC-Direct,

6'b010001: Ethernet PCS-Direct,

6'b010000: MII,

6'b001111: General PMA-Direct,

6'b001110: General FEC-Direct,

6'b001101: General PCS-Direct,

6'b001100: OTN,

6'b001011: Flex-E,

6'b001010: TSE MAC,

6'b001001: TSE PCS,

6'b001000: LL10G,

6'b000111: MRPHY,

6'b000110: 10_25G,

6'b000101: 25_50G,

6'b000100: Ultra40G,

6'b000011: LL40G,

6'b000010: LL50G,

6'b000001: Ultra100G,

6'b000000: LL100G,