Ethernet Subsystem Intel® FPGA IP User Guide: Early Access Customer Release

ID 773413
Date 4/14/2023

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8.1.10. HSSI Command/Status

Description: HSSI Command/Status

Byte Offset: 0xA8

Addressing Mode: 32 bits

Bit Type Reset Description
31:7 RO 0 Reserved
6:5 RW 0

Register Offset (Applicable only on E-tile)

Specify the 8b register offset for PMA AVMM/Capabilities register read/write through get_csr and set_csr SAL command

CSR address = Address[25:2] (HSSI Control/Address) + Address[1:0] (Register Offset)

4:4 RO 0

Error Bit

1'b1 - Indicate SAL command timeout after 10ms and not completed successfully. User can resubmit the SAL command after root causing the error.

1'b0 - Indicate SAL command execute successfully without error

Valid when ACK_TRANS is asserted

3:3 RO 0

Busy Bit

1'b1 - Indicate SAL is in the middle of processing a command. Software should not send in new command when this bit is asserted.

1'b0 - Indicate SAL is free to accept new command.

2:2 RW 0 ACK_TRANS: Bit gets asserted when transaction is complete. Must be cleared when asserted.
1:1 WO 0 Write Command
0:0 WO 0 Read Command