Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 12/12/2022

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Document Table of Contents JTAG Debug Commands

JTAG Debug commands help debug the JTAG Chain connected to a device.

Table 45.  JTAG Debug Commands
Command Argument Function
jtag_debug_loop <service-path> <list_of_byte_values> Loops the specified list of bytes through a loopback of tdi and tdo of a system-level debug (SLD) node. Returns the list of byte values in the order that they were received. This command blocks until all bytes are received. Byte values have the 0x (hexadecimal) prefix and are delineated by spaces.
jtag_debug_sample_clock <service-path> Returns the clock signal of the system clock that drives the module's system interface. The clock value is sampled asynchronously; consequently, you must sample the clock several times to guarantee that it is switching.
jtag_debug_sample_reset <service-path> Returns the value of the reset_n signal of the Avalon® -ST JTAG Interface core. If reset_n is low (asserted), the value is 0 and if reset_n is high (deasserted), the value is 1.
jtag_debug_sense_clock <service-path> Returns a sticky bit that monitors system clock activity. If the clock switched at least once since the last execution of this command, returns 1. Otherwise, returns 0.. The sticky bit is reset to 0 on read.
jtag_debug_reset_system <service-path> Issues a reset request to the specified service. Connectivity within your device determines which part of the system is reset.