Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

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Date 12/12/2022
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3.8.3. Creating Mnemonics for Bit Patterns

A mnemonic table allows you to assign a meaningful name to a set of bit patterns, such as a bus. To create a mnemonic table:
  1. Right-click the Setup or Data tab of a Signal Tap instance, and click Mnemonic Table Setup.
  2. Create a mnemonic table by entering sets of bit patterns and specifying a label to represent each pattern.
  3. Assign the table to a group of signals by right-clicking the group, clicking Bus Display Format, and selecting the mnemonic table.
  4. On the Setup tab, you can create basic triggers with meaningful names by right-clicking an entry in the Trigger Conditions column and selecting a label from the table you assigned to the signal group.
On the Data tab, if data captured matches a bit pattern contained in an assigned mnemonic table, the Signal Tap GUI replaces the signal group data with the appropriate label, simplifying the visual inspection of expected data patterns.

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