Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 12/12/2022

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Document Table of Contents Advanced Trigger Conditions

To capture data for a given combination of conditions, build an advanced trigger. The Signal Tap logic analyzer provides the Advanced Trigger tab, which helps you build a complex trigger expression using a GUI. Open the Advanced Trigger tab by selecting Advanced in the Trigger Conditions list.
Figure 42. Accessing the Advanced Trigger Condition Tab
Figure 43. Advanced Trigger Condition Tab

To build a complex trigger condition in an expression tree, drag-and-drop operators from the Object Library pane and the Node List pane into the Advanced Trigger Configuration Editor window.

To configure the operators’ settings, double-click or right-click the operators that you placed and click Properties.

Table 11.  Advanced Triggering Operators
Category Name
Signal Detection

Edge and Level Detector

Input Objects


Bit Value


Bus Value


Less Than

Less Than or Equal To



Greater Than or Equal To

Greater Than


Bitwise Complement

Bitwise AND

Bitwise OR

Bitwise XOR


Logical NOT

Logical AND

Logical OR

Logical XOR


Reduction AND

Reduction OR

Reduction XOR


Left Shift

Right Shift

Custom Trigger HDL  

Adding many objects to the Advanced Trigger Condition Editor can make the work space cluttered and difficult to read. To keep objects organized while you build your advanced trigger condition, use the shortcut menu and select Arrange All Objects. Alternatively, use the Zoom-Out command to fit more objects into the Advanced Trigger Condition Editor window.