AN 755: Implementing JESD204B IP Core System Reference Design with ARM HPS As Control Unit (Baremetal Flow)

ID 683776
Date 12/30/2015
Document Table of Contents JESD204B Subsystem Address Map

You can access the address map of the peripherals in the JESD204B subsystem by clicking on the Address Map tab in the Qsys window when the jesd204b_system.qsys project is open.

Table 8.  JESD204B Subsystem Address Map This table lists the memory allocation address map.

Avalon-MM Peripheral

Address Map

JESD204B IP core base CSR – TX

0xC000 – 0xC3FF

JESD204B IP core base CSR – RX

0xD000 – 0xD3FF

Reset sequencer

0xE000 – 0xE0FF

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