AN 755: Implementing JESD204B IP Core System Reference Design with ARM HPS As Control Unit (Baremetal Flow)

ID 683776
Date 12/30/2015
Document Table of Contents Reset Sequencer

The reset sequencer is a standard Qsys component in the IP Catalog standard library. The reset sequencer generates the following system resets to reset various modules in the system:

  • Core PLL reset—resets the core PLL.
  • Transceiver reset—resets the JESD204B IP core PHY module.
  • TX/RX JESD204B IP core CSR reset—resets the TX/RX JESD204B IP core CSRs.
  • TX/RX link reset—resets the TX/RX JESD204B IP core base module and transport layer.
  • TX/RX frame reset—resets the TX/RX transport layer, downstream modules.

The reset sequencer has hard and soft reset options. The hard reset port connects to the ARM® HPS-generated FPGA reset output signal (h2f_reset). The ARM® HPS executes a soft reset by issuing the reset command to the Avalon-MM interface of the reset sequencer. When you assert a hard reset or issue the full sequence reset command, the reset sequencer cycles through all the various module resets based on a pre-set sequence. The figure below illustrates the sequence and also shows how the reset sequencer output ports correspond to the modules that are being reset.

Figure 5. Reset Sequence

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