AN 957: Time-Sensitive Networking for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

ID 683707
Date 10/30/2021
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2.6. Turning on the Cyclone V SoC Development Board for the TSN for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

The default ip address is and can be accessed using the command ssh root@

  1. Create a Putty session (or similar) in Windows with help of the UART port: USB connector (J8). Default baud rate is 115200.
  2. Check the MAC addresses (physical addresses) of multiple development kits if these are going to be connected within the same LAN. The TTTech IP boot-up flow reads theses addresses during the first boot and stores them for the following power-up cycles.
  3. Check the MAC addresses stored in the Cyclone V SoC development board EEPROM and change them if necessary.
  4. If a MAC address is changed in the EEPROM, burn again the SD card image and plug it the Cyclone V Development board, so the first Linux Boot Up process also reads and store the new addresses. Do not use previously burned SD cards after changing MAC (physical) addresses.

The system is ready to run C-compiled applications such as OPC UA PubSub, client-server or any other.