AN 957: Time-Sensitive Networking for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

ID 683707
Date 10/30/2021
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2.5. Creating an SD Card Image for the TSN for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

The size of the image is approximately 3 GB, so chose an appropriate SD card.

The HPS boots from the SD card containing the preloader, U-boot, Linux SoC-FPGA, device tree.

  1. Open Disk Imager.
    Figure 4. Disk Imager
  2. Select your source as <TSN_DoC_SD>.img or (<TSN_DoC_SD_RT>.img) and the corresponding target.
  3. Plug the SD card into the Cyclone V SoC Development board.
  4. Burn the image onto an SD card in a Linux machine:
    1. Determine the device associated with the SD card on the host by running the following command before and after inserting the card in the reader:
      >> cat /proc/partitions
    2. Use dd utility to write the SD image to the SD card, for instance:
      >> sudo dd if= TSN_DoC_SD_RT.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M
    3. Use sync utility to flush the changes into the SD card.
      >> sudo sync