AN 957: Time-Sensitive Networking for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

ID 683707
Date 10/30/2021
Document Table of Contents

5. Connecting the Cyclone V SoC Development board to the Tandem 48 V Motion-Power board

You can connect two or more Cyclone V SoC Development boards in serial acting as motor control-end point or switches due to the inclusion of the TTTech TNS IP in the FPGA fabric.
Two Ethernet ports labeled on the board as ENET1 and ENET2 are available to the TTTech TSN IP. You can use the Cyclone V SoC development board as an endpoint for motor control or it can be a two-port switch in any network.
Connect with the HSMC port
Figure 33. Cyclone V SoC Development board connected to the Tandem 48 V Motion-Power board

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