AN 957: Time-Sensitive Networking for Drive-on-Chip Design Example

ID 683707
Date 10/30/2021
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3.3. Adding the TTTech TSN IP to the Qsys system

You build the TSN system within the TSN drive-on-chip design based on TTTech TSN IP.
  1. Copy the directory ip-sol-scv-release-2.3.0-30_03_2021\de_ip_solution_scv to <Quartus_Project>/ip and ip-sol-scv-release-2.3.0-30_03_2021\de-eval-board\fpga\misc_ip to <Quartus_Project>/ip.
  2. In Qsys, click Tools > Options and add the newly copied directories to the IP search paths.
    Qsys automatically adds the TTTech IP to the IP catalog in the left upper corner of Qsys.
    Figure 15. TTTech TSN IP in IP Catalog
  3. Navigate to ip-sol-scv-release-2.3.0-30_03_2021\de-eval-board\fpga and open de-eval_scv.qar with Intel Quartus Prime.
    The design opens including a Qsys system. The blocks in this design are identical to the ones in the TTTech Reference Design.
  4. In the Qsys system add the following functional blocks and connect them in the same way as the TTTech Reference Design.
    Table 5.  TSN subsystem blocks, addresses, and interrupts
    Module Name Description Port Address Base and Interrupt number
    hps_0 Arria V/ Cyclone V Hard Processor System f2h_sdram0_data 0x0000_0000
    f2h_sdram1_data 0x0000_0000
    f2h_ir10 IRQ 0
    mm_bridge_0 Avalon-MM PipelineBridge s0 0x0000_0000
    sys_qsys_0 System ID Peripheral control_slave 0x0001_0000
    System ID 0x1c7e0004
    rev_id_0 Internal Revision ID s 0x0004_0500
    QSYS_SVM_ID 165499264
    pio_0 PIO (Parallel I/O) s1 0x000f_0f00
    eth_mdio_tristate_0 Altera’s Ethernet MDIO master with tristate logic csr 0x000f_0200
    de_ip_solution_csv_0 DE-IP Solution SCV s_deip 0x0200_0000
    irq0-ir115 0-15
  5. Connect the TSN blocks with a 100 MHz clock from the drive-on-chip subsystem.
  6. Add another Altera PLL block with the same 50 MHz reference clock as input (the same reference clock as the PLL for the drive-on-chip subsystem)
    This additional 125 MHz clock is for the TSN IP m_dma_0_clk port.
  7. Configure the TSN IP with these parameters:
    • Options: LED_ACTIVE 0, Enable link LED interface (turn off)
    • Adapters: Port 0 interface type DMA, Port 1 Interface Type MII, Port 2 Interface Type MII.
  8. Keep the multiple PIO blocks in the TTTech TSN IP Reference Design Qsys System and change the equivalent to pio_phy_reset (pio_0).
    Keep the other PIO modules such as pio_led_debug, pio_pps_debug_out and pio_pps_debug_in.
  9. Configure the HPS module, even though the HPS and the secondary modules are connected in the same way as the TTTech TSN IP Reference Design Qsys system.
    The HPS within the Cyclone V SoC Development board is connected to a different DDR3 memory than the TTTech Reference Board.
    Figure 16. HPS Settings
    Figure 17. HPS Settings
    Figure 18. HPS Settings
    Figure 19. HPS Settings
    Figure 20. HPS Settings
    Figure 21. HPS Settings
    Figure 22. HPS Settings
    Figure 23. HPS Settings
    Figure 24. HPS Settings
Both the drive-on-chip and TSN subsystems now work separately.