Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683619
Date 9/24/2018
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2.5.5. Running an HSPICE Simulation

Because simulation parameters are configured directly in the HSPICE model files, running a simulation requires only that you open an HSPICE file in the HSPICE user interface and start the simulation.
Figure 23. HSPICE User Interface Window

Click Open and browse to the location of the HSPICE model files generated by the Intel® Quartus® Prime HSPICE Writer. The default location for HSPICE model files is <project directory>/board/hspice. Select the .sp file generated by the HSPICE Writer for the signal you want to simulate. Click OK.

To run the simulation, click Simulate. The status of the simulation is displayed in the window and saved in an .lis file with the same name as the .sp file when the simulation is complete. Check the .lis file if an error occurs during the simulation requiring a change in the .sp file to fix.