Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683619
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents I/O Buffer Instantiation

The I/O buffer instantiation block of the output simulation spice deck instantiates the necessary power supplies and I/O model components that are necessary to simulate the given I/O.

 I/O Buffer Instantiation Block

* I/O Buffer Instantiation

* Supply Voltages Settings
.param vcn=3.135
.param vpd=2.97
.param vc=1.15

* Instantiate Power Supplies
vvcc       vcc       0     vc     * FPGA core voltage
vvss       vss       0     0      * FPGA core ground
vvccn      vccn      0     vcn    * IO supply voltage
vvssn      vssn      0     0      * IO ground
vvccpd     vccpd     0     vpd    * Pre-drive supply voltage

* Instantiate I/O Buffer
xhio_buf din oeb opdrain die rambh 
+ rpcdn4 rpcdn3 rpcdn2 rpcdn1 rpcdn0 
+ rpcdp4 rpcdp3 rpcdp2 rpcdp1 rpcdp0 
+ rpullup vccn vccpd vcpad0 hio_buf

* Internal Loading on Pad
* - This pad has an LVDS input buffer connected to it, along
*   with differential OCT circuitry. Both are disabled but
*   introduce loading on the pad that is modeled below.
xlvds_input_load die vss vccn lvds_input_load
xlvds_oct_load die vss vccpd vccn vcpad0 vccn lvds_oct_load

* I/O Buffer Package Model
* - Single-ended I/O standard on a Row I/O
.lib ‘lib/package.lib’ hio
xpkg die pin hio_pkg