Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683619
Date 9/24/2018
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1.9. Decreasing Processing Time for SSN Analysis

FPGA designs are getting larger in density, logic, and I/O count. The time it takes to complete SSN analysis and other Intel® Quartus® Prime software processes affects your development time.

Faster processing times can reduce your design cycle time. Use the following guidelines to reduce processing time:

  • Direct the Intel® Quartus® Prime software to use more than one processor for parallel executables, including the SSN Analyzer
  • Perform SSN analysis after I/O assignment analysis if your design files and constraints are complete, and you are interested in generating the SSN results early in the design process and want to adjust I/O placements to see if you can obtain better results
  • Perform SSN analysis after fitting if you want to view preliminary SSN results that do not take into account complete I/O assignment and I/O timing results
  • Perform engineering change orders (ECOs) on your design, rather than recompiling the entire design, if you want to rerun SSN analysis after changing I/O assignments