100G Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683338
Date 9/20/2022

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8.2. Modifying Hidden Parameter Values

To modify the value of a hidden parameter, you must edit one or more generated files. Every time you regenerate the 100G Interlaken IP core, the files are overwritten and you must edit them again.

Table 28.  Files to Edit to Modify the Value of a Hidden ParameterIn each entry, the first file controls the RTL parameter value for synthesis, and the second file controls the RTL parameter value for simulation.
Parameter Intel® Arria® 10 Variations Other Variations


<instance name> /synth/ <instance name> .v

<instance name> /sim/ <instance name> .v

<instance name> .v

<instance name> _ sim/ <instance name> .v



<instance name> /ilk_core_ <version> /synth/ilk_core .sv

<instance name> /ilk_core_ <version> /sim/ilk_core .sv

<instance name> /ilk_core .sv

<instance name> _sim/ilk_core .sv