Intel® MAX® 10 External Memory Interface User Guide

ID 683087
Date 10/31/2022
Document Table of Contents Intel® MAX® 10 I/O Bank DQ/DQS Support for DDR2/DDR3

For DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM, I/O banks 5 and 6 in Intel® MAX® 10 devices can support DQ and DQS signals with DQ-bus widths of 8, 16 and 24 bits.
  • For DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM interfaces, the devices use ×8 mode DQS group regardless of the interface width.
  • If you need to support wider interfaces, use multiple ×8 DQ groups.
  • You can use any unused DQ pins as regular user I/O pins if they are not used as memory interface signals.
  • The x24 interface is implemented through x16 + ECC.