Intel® MAX® 10 External Memory Interface User Guide

ID 683087
Date 10/31/2022
Document Table of Contents Data Mask Pins

In Intel® MAX® 10 devices, the data mask (DM) pins are pre-assigned in the device pinouts. Although the Intel® Quartus® Prime Fitter treats the DQ and DM pins in a DQS group equally for placement purposes, the pre-assigned DQ and DM pins are the preferred pins.

Each group of DQS and DQ signals has one DM pin:

  • You require data mask (DM) pins only while writing to the external memory devices.
  • A low signal on the DM pin indicates that the write is valid.
  • Driving the DM pin high causes the memory to mask the DQ signals.
  • Similar to the DQ output signals, the DM signals are clocked by the –90º shifted clock.