Intel® MAX® 10 External Memory Interface User Guide

ID 683087
Date 10/31/2022
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Give Feedback Intel® MAX® 10 Data and Data Clock (Data Strobe) Pins

For the Intel® MAX® 10 external memory interfaces, the DQ pins are the data pins for bidirectional read and write, and the DQS pins are the data strobe pins used only during write operations.

The Intel® MAX® 10 devices support bidirectional data strobes. Connect the bidirectional DQ data signals to the same Intel® MAX® 10 device DQ pins. The DQS pin is used only during write mode. In read mode, the Intel® MAX® 10 PHY generates the read capture clock internally and ignores the DQS signal. However, you must still connect DQS signal to the Intel® MAX® 10 DQS pin.