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Install VTune Profiler Server

Set up Intel® VTune™ Profiler as a web server, using a lightweight deployment intended for personal use or a full-scale corporate deployment supporting multi-user environment.

VTune Profiler Server Deployment

Deployment of the VTune Profiler server depends on your usage mode and purpose:
Deployment Mode
Personal use/evaluation
  • No host platform setup. VTune Profiler Server is installed as part of the VTune Profiler GUI.
  • Quick on-boarding experience with self-signed TLS certificates
  • Single user mode
  • Medium security level
Integration with SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Automatic authentication with company accounts
  • Support for multi-user environment
  • High security level
  • Support for selective access to VTune Profiler Server (for example, per user network group)
  • Mandatory company IT support to register VTune Profiler Server in IT SAML SSO infrastructure
Deployment behind a reverse proxy (NGINX*, Apache* web server, IIS, etc.)
  • Reuse of existing IT web hosting infrastructure (including transport security and user authentication)
  • High security level
  • Support for multi-user environment
  • DevOps expertise required
Depending on your choice, you can proceed with the next steps:

How It Works

  1. (Reverse proxy and SAML SSO modes) Admin installs a VTune Profiler Server instance in a lab.
  2. (Reverse proxy and SAML SSO modes) Admin emails the URL of the installed VTune Profiler Server to the User(s).
  3. User accesses the VTune Profiler via a supported web browser, configures and runs analysis on an arbitrary target system.
    VTune Profiler Server can be accessed from any client machine.
  4. When analysis is initiated, the VTune Profiler Server installs a VTune Profiler Agent on the specified target system. This agent performs collection and uploads results to the VTune Profiler Server for analysis and storage.
Use this glossary of terms for your reference:
VTune Profiler Server
VTune Profiler started as a web server and serving a web site to access the VTune Profiler GUI from remote client machines using a web browser.
User of the VTune Profiler Server.
User client system
A machine that the User is logged to and used to access the VTune Profiler Server via a web browser.
Target system
A machine, local or remote, that is profiled with the VTune Profiler.
VTune Profiler Agent
A piece of VTune Profiler software that runs on a target system.

System Requirements

VTune Profiler Server System
  • 64-bit Linux* or Windows* OS
  • Same system requirements and supported operating system distributions as specified for VTune Profiler command line tool in the Release Notes
Client System
  • Chrome, Firefox or Safari (recent versions)
VTune Profiler Server is tested with the latest versions of supported browsers at the time of each release.
Target System
  • 32- or 64-bit Linux or Windows OS
  • Same system requirements and supported operating system distributions as specified for VTune Profiler target systems in the Release Notes
VTune Profiler Server currently does not support cross-platform profiling. If the VTune Profiler Server is hosted on a Linux system, then it supports data collection on Linux target systems only. The same is applicable to Windows systems.

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