Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC FPGA Boot User Guide

ID 683847
Date 1/17/2024
Document Table of Contents

4.2.2. Platform Designer Options

The HPS component instantiated in Platform Designer has various selectable HPS settings. You can access them by doing the following:
  1. Open the hardware project in the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI.
  2. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI, to Tools > Platform Designer to open the Platform Designer.
  3. When asked by Platform Designer, select and open the file instantiating the HPS component.
  4. In Platform Designer, click the HPS component and access the Parameters panel.
The available settings are grouped as follows:
  • FPGA Interfaces
    • General
    • Bridges
    • DMA Requests
    • Interrupts
  • HPS Clocks and Resets
    • Input Clocks
    • Internal Clocks and Output Clocks
    • Resets
  • IO Delays
  • Pin Mux and Peripherals

For more information about these settings, refer to the Intel® Stratix® 10 HPS Component User Guide.