Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express User Guide

ID 683821
Date 1/14/2022

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4.4.4. Avalon-ST Source (H2D)

The H2D Avalon-ST source interface is used to send H2D DMA data to the external Avalon-ST sink logic.

Table 36.  Avalon-ST Source (H2D)<n>=0-3 (4 ports mode) / 0 (1 port mode)
Signal Name I/O Type Description

x16: h2d_st_data_<n>_o[511:0]

x8: h2d_st_data_<n>_o[255:0]

Output H2D Streaming data from host to device
h2d_st_valid_<n>_o Output Valid for all outgoing signals. A ‘1’ represents the readiness of data to be sent.
h2d_st_ready_<n>_i Input Backpressure from device. A ‘1’ represents, device readiness for receiving data.
h2d_st_sof_<n>_o Output Start of file (or packet) as instructed in host descriptor.
h2d_st_eof_<n>_o Output End of file (or packet) as instructed in host descriptor.

x16: h2d_st_empty_<n>_o[5:0]

x8: h2d_st_empty_<n>_o[2:0]

Output Represents the number of empty bytes in h2d_st_data_<n>_o, and valid only when both h2d_st_valid_<n>_o and h2d_st_eop_<n>_o is ‘1’.
h2d_st_channel_<n>_o[10:0] Output

To support multi-Channel per port.