Differences Among Intel SoC Device Families

ID 683648
Date 8/22/2018

HPS I2C Controller Differences

I2C Controller Feature Cyclone V SoC Arria V SoC Arria 10 SoC Stratix 10 SoC
Synopsys IP Version 1.20a 1.20a 1.21a-lp02 2.00a
Number of controller instances 4 4 5 5
Controllers available to support Ethernet communication 2 2 3 3

Some of the inter-integrated circuit (I2C) controllers can be used either for the EMAC or for general I2C communication, as listed in the table above. Using an I2C controller for Ethernet provides flexibility for the EMACs to use Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) or I2C for PHY communication. The remaining I2C controllers are available for general I2C communication.